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"1000ml SprayDrink Water Bottle with Cooling Mister - Stay Hydrated On-the-Go"

"1000ml SprayDrink Water Bottle with Cooling Mister - Stay Hydrated On-the-Go"

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Convenient and fast, this water bottle has a large capacity and features a spring cover that can be easily opened with one button. The humanized design includes an edible silicone straw with a small mouth anti-choking feature, allowing you to drink immediately after lifting. The bottle also includes a time marker to help you monitor your daily water intake. With the press of a button, you can switch the bottle to spray mode for convenient humidification and cooling. The bottle is easy to carry, making it suitable for outdoor outings and fitness exercises. It comes in a fashionable design and various colors to choose from, and it can be used in different scenarios.

Product information:

- Color: gray, pink, pink blue, green blue, yellow blue purple, blue purple

- Material: Tritan

- Applicable object: general

- Packing specification: Single

- Structure: Single layer

- Shape: cylindrical

- Microwave oven: Unavailable

- Size (height, caliber): 31*7.5cm

- Applicable personnel: general

- Function: Environmental protection

- Style: Straw, Sports

- Capacity: 1000 ml


Packing list:

Water Bottle * 1

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